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The Best Vacuum Cleaner
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First, you must understand how vacuum cleaners work.

Vacuum cleaners generally use electric motors to drive the impeller to rotate at high speed to form a local vacuum in the dust collection room. The air pressure difference formed outside the dust collector produces airflow dust with airflow inhalation dust indoor, after filtering, dust retention and dust collection indoor, discharge clean air.

The best vacuum cleaner, it should look like this

Simply put, it's three steps to suck in the dust, leave it behind, and expel clean air.

Pick vacuum cleaner is about to start from principle pick.

1. The suction

Vacuum cleaner suction size directly depends on the suction power, strong suction, is called a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, call the pegs.

General vacuum cleaner suction power in 300w - 1000w, the larger the better.

The best vacuum cleaner, it should look like this

2. The suction nozzle

Vacuum cleaners are used in different situations with different suction nozzles, so as to maximize the effectiveness. Common suction nozzle has floor brush suction nozzle, flat brush type suction nozzle, round brush type suction nozzle, sewing suction nozzle.

The best vacuum cleaner, it should look like this

3. The filter

The filter of vacuum cleaner is close friends certainly, otherwise this side vacuums, there vomit ash, enough you cry a morning.

Among the commonly used filter materials, sponge filter is the worst, activated carbon filter is ok, 100 clean cloth is economical, HEPA is currently the best filter material, composite paper dust bag advantage is can be directly thrown away without washing, but expensive to no friends.

The best vacuum cleaner, it should look like this

4. Other

After considering the above major factors, consider whether you have special needs.

For example, noise level, wired wireless, wheel or box, battery life and so on. These vary from person to person, plaything jun no longer unnecessary description.

The best vacuum cleaner, it should look like this

And, of course, the price.

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